What unsurpassed emotions and positive impressions gives you an Aerochute flight!


Apparently there is no human being in the world that would not fly in a dream. Everyone who knows the flying experience knows how it is... to break away from the ground, feel speed, height, freedom ... Feel these emotions with us!

What is Aerochute

Aerochute (or "powered paraсhute" - "parachute with a motor") - is a ultra-light flying vehicle. The aerochute belongs to the same class as the hang gliders and paragliders with a wagon.

To raise the "wing"  you only need to choose the correct direction of the start. Short overclocking, the wing is filled with air - and you fly!

Aerochutes are considered very safe to fly. The vechicle itself is made from special materials for aviation technologies, which provides high durability and safety in the operation of the machine. The low landing speed (about 30 km/h) allows you to land safely ( even on limited areas or on unprepared travel lane). Maximum weight capacity of an aerochute is 250 kg (551 pounds), the speed range is from 30 to 60 km/h, the height of the flight - from 1-2 meters to the overwhelming 5000 m.

​Flying the Aerochute

The whole aero adventure may take 2-3 hours (includes to get to the starting point  from Lviv.

What to expect:

  • Meeting the team

  • Departure from Lviv o the starting point

  • Flight Preparation and briefing

  • Flight

  • Landing

Minimum flying time - 15 minutes in the air.


Where to fly on an aerochute

LvivAir can fly over the Carpathian Mountains, above beautiful Lviv castles and other picturesque places of Lviv region at your request.

Location options  - Choose your adventure from LvivAir!

We fly all year round at the request of the customer throughout the territory of Western Ukraine (except for the prohibited areas for flights indicated on aviation charts.

Gift Certificates available

In order for us to prepare a gift certificate, please contact us in advance.

Cost of the aeroshute flight in Lviv

  • 1 person + pilot - 100 UAH / min.

  • 2 persons + pilot - 150 UAH / min.

For a two-person flight the total weight may not exceed 140 kg (308 pounds).

Minimum duration of a flight - 15 minutes.

Questions and flight bookings via phone, email, or social networks:

(096) 041-5555