over the picturesque places of Lviv and Western Ukraine


A hot air balloon flight is a breathtaking adventure filled with unparalleled feelings and a mass of positive emotions.

You will forget about everyday worries and find yourself in the romantic world of the "fifth ocean".

This is the best gift for your loved ones, relatives and friends!


Apparently there is no one in the world that would not fly in a dream. Everyone who knows the flight experience knows how it is ... to took off from the ground, feel a speed, a height, a freedom ...

All these fascinating emotions and lots of positive impressions you will feel in flight on an aeroshute!

This is a dream that we will help to make a reality!


Meet a Sunrise| Sunset

Could you imagine that you could fly to meet the first rays of the sun or fly in the sky at the end of the day ?!

Already tomorrow it can become a reality - flying on a hot air balloon or aerochute is that you need!

Above Lviv Castles

The best castles of the Lviv region on a hot air balloon or on the aerochute:

Flight over Svirz castle

Flight over Oleskо Castle

Flight over Pidhirtsi castle

Flight over Zolochiv castle

Romantic flight for two

Surprise your beloved one, giving her a romantic trip on a hot air balloon or an aerochute.

Admire the amazing beauty of the edge from the bird's eye view.

Flight as a gift

Certificate for a hot air balloon or an aerochute flight is a great gift for a birthday or other event.

Luxurious entertainment for party, corporate meetings or weddings.

From now on, they will remember you while looking at the sky every time!

Wedding flight

Unhurried unforgettable flight of two hearts on a balloon or an aeroсhute on a wedding day.

The amazing romance of free hot air balloon flight on an aerochute is an adventure that you will remember all your life with lots of positive emotions!

Group flight

Can you imagine the best fun for you and your friends, like a hot air balloon or aerochute flight?


We will organize a festive mood!

We do flights all year round throughout Western Ukraine (except for forbidden areas for flights indicated on aviation charts).



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