If you are first time in Lviv or live here and have been dreaming about flying on a hot air balloon for a long time, then call us at LvivAir right away!


A hot air balloon flight is a breathtaking trip at the height of a bird's flight, filled with unparalleled feelings and tons of positive emotions. This is a dream that we will help to realize in reality.

You will forget about everyday worries and find yourself in the romantic world of the "fifth ocean".

We invite you to join our team of aeronautics and take part in an unforgettable air travel around the Carpathian Mountains or other picturesque places of Lviv region.

We have three hot air balloons and we can simultaneously lift up to 12 people up to the air!

About a hot air balloon flight

The whole trip takes about 3-4 hours.

What to expect:

• getting to know the team

• departure to the place of launch of the balloon
• aerostat setting (if you wish, you can participate)

• briefing

• flying in a balloon (lasts approximately 1 hour)
• landing
• Initiation into aeronautics with champagne
• Travel back.

Aerostat can go up on the height of 5000 meters without an add-on equipment. Safe heights for flights we go is up to 1000 meters.

The most interesting altitude for a flight is 150-300 meters, when you can easily see everything down in details.

After a landing be prepared to take part in the old traditional ceremony - initiation into aeronautics.

Where to fly on a hot air ballon

LvivAir will fly on a balloon over:

  • all castles of the of the Lviv region (Olesko castle, Svirg Caslte, Pidhirci Castle, Zolochiv castle)

  • or over the Carpathian Mountains

  • Resorts in Truskavets, Skhidnytsya, Slavsko 

  • or we can discuss you trip ideas.

We fly all year round throughout the territory of Western Ukraine (except for the prohibited areas for flights indicated on aviation charts.

Check trip options for the flight here - Choose your adventure from LvivAir!

Features of the flight in a balloon

A hot air balloon flight is one of the oldest ways of air travel and, according to statistics, is one of the safest. However, it is almost impossible to predict accurately the landing place before its launch, but it only adds curiosity and romance to the flight.

An important condition for the flight is the favorable weather. In the summer flights can be carried out from the early morning (2-3 hours after the sunrise) till the evening (2-3 hours before sunset). You can fly in the winter at any time of daylight. You should wear comfortable, warm and weather appropriate clothes.

Gift Certificates available

In order for us to prepare a gift certificate, please contact us in advance.

The cost of the balloon flight


  • 2 persons + pilot - 10000 UAH

  • 3 persons + pilot - 12000 UAH

  • 4 persons + pilot - 14000 UAH

  • 5 people + pilot - 17500 UAH

  • 6 people + pilot - 21000 UAH


If you want to fly, but do not have anyone to join you, we'll try to find you a group to join. The cost of the flight will be 3500 UAH in a group of 4-6 people.

Questions and flight bookings via phone, email, or social networks:

+38 (067) 679-1118

Our Ukrainian record for the flight over the highest point of the country (Goverla) was registered on March 4, 2018 as "The first flight on a balloon over the Montenegrin Range between the highest peaks of the Carpathians."

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